How much does it cost to post a vinyl record?

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How heavy is a vinyl record?

A typical LP weights between 120-180g including the album cover and inner sleeve you’re looking at below 300g

How to ship a vinyl record via Royal Mail?

The best and easiest way to send anything with Royal Mail is via their online portal, you can get costs, a label, and cut times when dropping off the package – Just follow the steps here.

Alternatively, if you take the vinyl record to a local post office already packaged up they can cost it up there and then. See below for what you should ask to get the best price.

Is a vinyl record a small parcel?

When it comes to Royal Mail there are categories that help work out how much it will cost in shipping.

Vinyl Records will mostly likely come under ‘Small Parcels’ which is a package that doesn’t exceed: Length of 45cm Width: 35cm Depth: 16cm Weight Limit: of 2kg

This will be more than enough to ship a vinyl record via Royal Mail. You may just need to watch the Width doesn’t exceed 35cm when adding packaging.

Cost of shipping a vinyl record via Royal Mail?

Online price tracked 24 – £5.45

Online price tracked 48 – £4.35

UK Signed for online price 1st class – £5.05

UK Signed for online price 2nd class – £3.95

UK Standard online price 1st class – £3.95

UK Standard online price 2nd class – £2.85

What is the cheapest way to ship a vinyl record in the UK?

Royal Mail offers the cheapest way with their ‘UK Standard online price 2nd class’ costing £2.85

Will a vinyl record fit in a UK postbox?

12” LP

No, the width and length being 30cm each means the vinyl record won’t fit in a postbox

7” EP

Yes, you should be able to post a 7” EP – Although if of any value we’d recommend shipping this as a package to ensure it doesn’t get damaged.

How much to ship a vinyl record via courier in the UK?

If you are looking to post the vinyl domestically in the UK. You’re looking at around £5.95+VAT to ship.

Sending overseas can be more expensive, you’ll be looking at starting from prices of £10+.

How to pack a vinyl record for shipping

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you ensure your vinyl record gets shipped safely and securely.

Step 1: If the record has a printed inner sleeve, place the record in a clean inner and put the printed original inner sleeve inside the album cover.

Step 2: Keep the record outside the album cover. This prevents the record from moving around and potentially getting scratched.

Step 3: Put the record on top of the album cover and place both inside a plastic / PVC cover (you can buy these online relatively cheaply. Bubble wrap is a good alternative, be sure to secure this with tape

Step 4: Use heavy-duty carboard – Double walled is perfect – Sandwich the record and album cover between the two pieces and tape all around.

Step 5: If you have a post bag – or even reuse an old one from another package to waterproof the cardboard. Place inside this bag and tape

Step 6: Write the address clearly and ensure the vinyl record is treated as fragile.

Tips for sending/posting a vinyl record

  • Insure it if it’s worth over £20 – The last thing you want is damage to the record and you’re not able to recover those costs
  • Get recorded/signed for delivery – You want to know if the buyer has received this
  • Pack it well – You want to make sure the record can’t move around too much album covers as well should be watched as you don’t want to see damage occur to them due to bending of the cardboard etc
  • Use old vinyl packaging – You’re probably buying vinyl online, they come in nice reinforced cardboard sleeves. Keep a few of these to re-package your sold vinyl in.

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