Best gifts for vinyl record lovers 2022

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Christmas 2022 is just around the corner. If you’re part of a secret Santa, looking for a stocking filler, or simply want to spoil someone rotten this Christmas then look no further.

We’ve collected some of the best gifts for vinyl record lovers you can buy in the UK. These have been ordered by price, so you can find the very best option for your family member, friend, colleague, or lover.

Gifts for vinyl record lovers under £10

The below gifts are perfect for secret Santa and stocking fillers

Vinyl record coasters – £6

This cute addition consists of 6 coasters and one record player holder.

Buy online here

Vinyl buddy velvet LP cleaning brush – £9.99

For new collectors i.e. if the recipient has just bought a record player, or has recently started collecting vinyl records, then a brush is a must.

Buy online here

Off the record – Music trivia game – £5.99

Perfect after dinner game. This isn’t too any music fan will love to answer questions in this music trivia-style quiz game.

Buy online here

 Around the world in 80 record stores – £9.99 (pre-loved)

There are two things we love about this. Rebuying second-hand books as well as a great addition to the music historian. These record stores are the very best in the world and everyone should try to visit them. The perfect addition to the city break lover who can combine their two passions into one trip.

Buy online here

Gifts for vinyl record lovers under £50

More substantial these gifts fall between £11-£50. We’ve purposefully not included any vinyl records themselves, but they would of course be great for any collector.

‘Now Playing’ – Wall mounted vinyl record display mount – £13.99

There are many versions of wall-mounted vinyl record displays. We love the simplicity and ease of this one. It comes with the options of screws or stickers to easily mount to any wall.

Buy now on Etsy

Custom song lyrics vinyl record poster – £12.99-£15.99 (Frame not included)

This is beautiful and there are many other versions that can be found on Etsy. A great idea for your significant other is to put the lyrics of your favourite song onto a poster, frame it, and put it on the wall.

Buy now on Etsy

Vinyl record floating on the wall – Record invisible wall display – £20.00

If you love minimalism and the album artwork then find one of the best ways of displaying it. These wall mounts are invisible when installed, so you can show of your favourite album covers without any frames or shelves taking away from the art itself.

Easy to install and looks great as part of a wall gallery

Buy now on Amazon   

Vinyl box – Vinyl record subscription service – Starting from £34.00

Subscription services are great for building collections as well as listening to new albums and Eps released by new and established artists.

The great thing about Vinyl Box is the subscription is tailored to your tastes, so you don’t end up getting albums that aren’t up your street.

This is an ongoing service, so be prepared to fork out for over 12 months to get the most out of it. But it’s a great idea for someone you love lot.

Find out more here

Gifts for vinyl record lovers over £50

 Want to spoil someone this Christmas? Below are some of the very best gifts a record fanatic can receive.

ION Audio Air LP – Vinyl Record Player / Bluetooth Turntable with USB Output for Conversion and Three Playback Speeds – Natural Wood Finish – £99.99

This is one of the better entry-level models for those who don’t have a speaker setup just yet. It allows the owner to use Bluetooth speakers as well as having all the modern inputs you would expect.

The natural wood finish gives a great overall look with many people agreeing, with over 2,500 reviews on Amazon.

Buy from Amazon here

Record runner – VW Campervan portable record player – £78.00

This merges two icons, vinyl records, and VW Campervans. This portable record player isn’t the best for sound by any stretch, but it’s iconic in its looks and a novelty that’s worth keeping around.

Set down any 33RPM record and the VW Campervan which works on 3 AAA batteries will travel around the record playing the sounds out of its built-in speakers.

Buy from Juno Records here

Industrial Record Player Stand – Handmade record player storage unit – from £321.00

Quite a significant jump in the gifting department. This may be one that you buy jointly. This record player stand is handmade and has a modern rustic and industrial charm which will remain fashionable and fit into many settings.

We love the storage provided as well as the height of the record stand to easily display your record collection and make it easy to play and change records.

Buy from Etsy here

Summary – Best gifts for vinyl record lovers 2022

Black Friday had some great deals this year. We would always encourage you to get ahead of yourself and purchase items whilst the sales are on.

We’ll keep this page up to date with all the latest record player gadgets, cleaning kits, displays, and unique items to gift your favourite music collector.

Check back in 2023 for the latest items and gift ideas.

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