Best Vinyl Record Subscription Services

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Vinyl record subscription services have been around since the late 2010s. They are designed to help music lovers grow their vinyl music collection with the emphasis on discovery as well as the classics.

Each subscription services works a little differently, but most look at sending you vinyl records based on your taste. If your music loves cannot be found in one of the below then it more than likely to be on it’s way, or you could even fill the gap in the market.

We’ve provided the low down on each of the subscription services to help you decide which one is the best for you.

Quick list: vinyl record subscription services

  • Flying Vinyl
  • Wax and Stamp
  • VinylBox
  • Stylus
  • Casa Vinyl
  • The Retro
  • Vinyl Wings
  • Diggers Factory
  • The Turntable Coffee and Vinyl

Vinyl record subscription services UK

Flying Vinyl (UK)


What they offer: Flying Vinyl bring new music to the masses on a monthly bases. Set up in 2015 in the UK Flying Vinyl delivers a monthly LP mixtape which is exclusively pressed on coloured or special effect vinyl, along with an A5 pull-out with notes on each artist. Each LP has 10 tracks from 5 up-and-coming artists.

Who’s it for: Lovers of new music, especially those into indie/rock – If BBC Radio 6 is your vibe then you’ll love Flying Vinyl

Why we like them: Supports the growth of emerging talent, each month is a surprise and encourages you to listen to the record to discover more about the artist. LPs are unique to Flying Vinyl which means you’re truly getting something which others won’t have. Also mixtapes, they’re nostalgic in all the right ways.

Subscription cost per month: £20

Wax and Stamp (UK)


What they offer: Expertly curated sign up and you receive 2 vinyl records per month, one LP and one single or EP. Wax and Stamp are the longest-running vinyl subscription service in the UK.

Who’s it for: Spanning a wide range of eclectic genres it’s really for music fanatics. As an example issue, 81 stated Bollywood, breaks, RnB, funk, psychedelic, boom bap as its genre mix.

Why we like them: Truly something for everyone. The music tastes force you to cross genres in a way that you might not do with your everyday Spotify lists and record collection. When doing this opens your ears to new music to further explore the genres and those that are championing it in the modern era.

Subscription cost per month: from £27 per month

VinylBox (UK)


What they offer: A team of talented curators handpick records for each VinylBox, this features both modern icons, and critically acclaimed genre-defying artists as well as some hidden gems.

Each month they will send you 2 LPs this can be from the monthly picks or from a previous selection.

Who’s it for: Music lovers who are looking to build their collection of both new and classic LPs.

Why we like them: 2x full LPs sent to you with some choice involved as well as the ability to veto albums. This gives the subscriber more choices when growing their collection. With double LPs as well as coloured vinyl on offer VinylBox gives value from their subscription service.  

Subscription cost per month: from £34 per month

Stylus (UK)


What they offer: Each month a theme is selected you’ll receive a selection of tracks on a 12” vinyl record along with a bottle of wine (or just another vinyl if you don’t want the wine). This is a great service for those looking to build their collection including quite a few of the classics.

Who’s it for: Those that want the classics in their collection – This is a great service for getting those iconic albums into your collection

Why we like them: Focuses on the classics, and wine with your order. What’s not to like?

Subscription cost per month: £45.00 per month

Casa Vinyl (UK)


What they offer: CasaVinyl works a little differently from the other subscription services. Every month you get between 20 and 50 credits per month. You can choose a genre and spend your credits on records in the store. Most records cost 10 credits, but more exclusive LPs will be worth 15 or 20 credits. You can also choose a surprise bundle which means you’ll get 3-5 LPs sent directly to you spanning multiple dance genres.

Who’s it for: Fans of dance music. This is one of the only subscription services which focuses on dance.

Why we like them: They work differently, giving the music fan a little more choice whilst getting a good deal on the records. The best thing about this model is the consistency, it encourages you to grow your collection in a genre that over the years has continued to go from strength to strength with the vinyl community.

Subscription cost per month: from £25 per month

The Retro (UK)


What they offer: Working with tastemakers and genre enthusiasts The Retro delivers 3 hand-picked vinyl records to your door. Each subscriber will fill out a taste profile when they sign up this helps identify where you are with your musical journey as well as your collection.

Who’s it for: Collectors looking to grow their collection and hear new music from similar artists to those they already listen to.

Why we like them: Works across multiple genres, working with tastemakers within the industry. Finding new music which is similar to the stuff you love already is a sure-fire way to success.

Cost per month: from £30 per month

Vinyl Wings (UK)


What they offer: Each subscriber gets the choice to pick their favourite genre. Each month Vinyl Wings will send a list of 3 albums within your favourite genre. You can then choose the two you wish to receive.

Who’s it for: Classical, Jazz, Soul, Rock and Blues fans – Vinyl Wings offers some interesting genres which go beyond the indie/rock collections we often see. Great for those looking for something a little different.

Why we like them: Discovering new music as part of a genre is a great way to grow a collection. Being able to choose the albums you want to receive each month means you’re not going to be disappointed.

Subscription cost per month: £44.99 per month

Diggers Factor (UK)


What they offer: Exclusive small batch pressings which are very limited in their run. It works with an ambassador scheme, suggests an artist, and builds a backing for the record to be produced via social media. If it reaches its goal then they’ll go ahead and make that pressing a reality

Who’s it for: Music leaders, those who are looking at new music and actively backing artists. Some work is required to get an album pressed, but the reward is the limited availability

Why we like them: They stand out as different, a new subscription model which asks the music fan what they want to be produced. They work with artists as well as fans to create unique vinyl record pressings based on demand

Subscription cost per month: from £14 for a subscription (single LPs from £18)  

Vinyl Deli (UK) –


What they offer: A full profile of music is filled out from the get-go with your likes and dislikes as well as the ability to link your collection via Discogs. Each month an album will be hand selected for you based on your profile, ensuring you don’t already have a copy of this in your collection as well as making sure it fits with your tastes.

Who’s it for: Those looking to build a collection around the music they already love

Why we like them: Being able to link your current collection means you’re not going to be disappointed with duplicates. It also means the selections made fit your current collection and styles.

Cost per month: from £28 per month

The Turntable Coffee and Vinyl (UK)


What they offer: Calling all coffee and vinyl music fans. This often goes hand in hand, stereotypes are a real thing. Every month you’ll get a 225g bag of specially blended coffee along with their album of the month, the perfect recipe for a lazy Sunday morning.

Who’s it for: Coffee lovers, music lovers

Why we like them: Two things a lot of music fans love, vinyl music and coffee. This is a great way to support a UK business.

Cost per month: £25 per month

Cheapest Vinyl Record Subscription Service

If you are looking to grow your collection in the most economical way we’ve ordered the vinyl record subscription services in price order.

Editors Note* – Price does not always equal ‘best’, do your research and find the company which offers you the best end product to fit your tastes

  • Diggers Factor – £14
  • Flying Vinyl – £20
  • Casa Vinyl – £25
  • The Turntable Coffee and Vinyl – £25
  • Vinyl Deli – £28
  • The Retro – £30
  • VinylBox – £34
  • Stylus – £45
  • Vinyl Wings – £44.99

Summary – Vinyl record subscription services

If you’re in the UK and looking to grow your vinyl music collection then a subscription service is a great way of doing this. The only downside is you’re not always going to get exactly what you want, but it does mean you’ll be listening to new music, and new genres and finding your new favourite artists.

We would suggest giving some of the above subscription services a try, they are relatively small in terms of investment and each of them doesn’t mean you have to over-commit. The best thing about them is not knowing what you’re going to get as well as the consistent growth of your collection.

We’ll keep this post updated with any new subscription services on offer as well as looking further afield to other markets.

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